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It all started more than two decades ago when a boy of sixteen had an encounter with our Lord Jesus Christ in a vision; the Lord said to him, "Go and preach the grace of God to all people by all means because I have ordained you to be an epitome of grace to the world, to show the world what only grace can do." Based on this encounter with the Lord, David Adeboye Ministries was pioneered by Apostle David Adeboye in 1991. Ever since, the vision of the ministry has remained the same; to declare the Counsel of God to Nations and to bring the reality of the Word of God and His Kingdom Power into the lives of men and women around the world through the preaching of the gospel of Grace. 

This same Grace has taken him to thirty five nations across five Continents and God has been so faithful backing up His words with signs and wonders following.

The assignments of this ministry are been carried out through these three ministry avenues:

* Champions Chapel Int'l.

* Healing On His Wings

* Blessed Home Outreach

Our Story: About Us
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