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The blessed Home Family Outreach was born through a divine instruction that God gave to us to raise homes for Him in North America through the preaching and teaching of the right doctrine of marriage. Marriage is God’s ordained program, not something formed by any nation, group of people or organization; therefore no nation, group of people or any organization could be completely right about marriage principles or doctrine except they follow the word of God (the Bible), which is the foundation for the right marriage.Our Blessed Home Family Outreach program is divided into two major outreach programs.

Single And Flourishing

A great home starts from the singles getting the principles and doctrines of marriage right from the beginning. If you don’t understand the laws of a game, you can’t play it right. There are things that you should know as a single person before you can have a successful marriage.This seminar is therefore an avenue for us to teach the singles the right principles and doctrines of marriage, with the aim of preparing them for a peaceful, blessed and successful marriage.The Singles and Flourishing Outreach is focused on two different groups.• The S.S.S Group (Single Still Searching), these are the people that are trusting God for the right man or woman for their lives. We are dedicated to teaching them all they needed to know about getting the right man or woman and how to develop the right character needed for a successful marriage and how to hear God accurately in making the right decision about who to marry.• The Second Group is the E.C.F (Engaged Couples Fellowship), the engaged couple fellowship are the people who already got the Mr. Right or Ms Right and planning to go into marriage, we are dedicated to teaching them the biblical principles for a successful home, how to make their relationship work and how to manage issues and crisis in marriage.

Married And Blessed

This is a seminar for the married people who wanted an unending peaceful home. It is an atmosphere where there will be teachings and family discussion that can lead to a great and peaceful home.It is a meeting for married couples where we can have a great fellowship with each other on how to build a home with God’s own pattern in mind, how to raise our children in the fear of The Lord and how to get our finances and some other marriage issues straighten out so our home negatively affected by them.Men and Women of great knowledge and experiences with successful homes are invited to share the secret of a successful home with us during these meetings.

Blessed Home Outreach: About Us
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