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From church to church and coast to coast around the world Apostle David Adeboye takes God's miracle working power to the nations of the earth with a special outreach initiative called Miracles On His Wings. The vision of Healing on His Wings is to win souls into the Kingdom of God, to heal the sick and to empower Christians in the anointing of the Holy Spirit to live above sicknesses and diseases and every oppression of the devil. Healing on His Wings is an interdenominational program and we network with existing churches and ministries in different parts of the world with similar interests to achieve this vision.

When we come before the Holy One, on mount Zion together with an innumerable company of angels, the glory of the Lord is made manifest. There is transformation from the realm of the natural to the supernatural. We behold the awesome presence of the King of glory; humbly, we bow our knees in worship. We lift up our hands in reverence of the Mighty One. Songs of praises become the fruits of our lips with tears rolling down our cheeks; even some are slain by the reason of the presence of His sweet Spirit. Yes, the Sun of righteousness doth arise with healing on His wings, set to heal, deliver and to save. These are the days to see the deaf hear, the blind see, the lame walk, the dead raised back to life, burdens lifted, broken homes and marriages restored. The barren set free, lives transformed, unbelievers drawn to Christ, the backslidden return to the God of salvation, youths renewed in strength and vigor; destinies remolded, making shouts of joy and victory the order of the day.

A definite encounter with the glory of Jesus Christ comes with great power; a power so strong, that it makes the impossible, possible. Just one encounter of this glory can change your life forever. This is the panorama of a typical experience at our Miracles On His Wings Conference.

Healing On His Wings!: About Us
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